Terms of use

Terms of use

By accessing and using the video services on UploadClip.com, you agree to follow these terms. Failure to do so could result in account suspension or deletion.


Upload Clip is meant for short video clips, such as overwatch highlights or an epic moment you wanted to save from a game.
With that in mind, if content is deemed irrelevant or unwanted by the administrators it may be deleted from the site without warning.

You agree to only upload content which you have permission to upload. Fair use will be taken into consideration.
Users must not upload anything explicit or grossly offensive.


Your account must not use an offensive or explicit username or profile image. Comments made on videos must be appropriate and related to the video.
Users must not make multiple accounts to evade bans or to be abusive.

You can choose to upgrade to the Upload Clip Pro package for £5 a month which enables the ability to sell videos and make money.

If you'd like to contact us, our email is admin@uploadclip.com